Amazon Listing Optimization

We offer services that help sellers on Amazon sell their products well. We simply try to help the good products get better exposure, which they may be well deserving of. However, we do not wish to cause any harm to anyone, including Amazon and its customers.
We also believe that our customers would buy our services only if their products are genuinely good, as otherwise, they wouldn’t sell well anyway. Hence, we don’t at all want us, or our customers, to try to cheat potential customers or deceive them in any way.
We will also not be responsible for any issues arising out of using our services.
We make collect specific data about our customers that may help them serve better now, or in the future. However, we don’t intend to sell such private data, and will be keeping it safe and secure.
When you purchase something from our site, you agree to all our terms and conditions, including the refund policy. Also, the delivery time may vary depending on the workload, and may even change going ahead.
Finally, let us mention that we are not supposed to promote poor quality or harmful products using our services, as well as not cheat your customers in any way.
We won’t entertain any refund requests once the work has been done and the reviews have been posted.
However, if we take longer than promised to deliver the reviews, you can request for a refund. But do
note that the delivery time may change depending on various factors, including the workload at our end.
So we request you to be patient in the rare case when we don’t manage to deliver the reviews on time.
Also, if the reviews we post get deleted by Amazon for some reason, we will replace them with new ones.
We will also not entertain any refund requests if you are simply unhappy with the work done. We usually
do our best to post high quality, relevant, and useful reviews, so that shouldn’t actually be the case
though, unless you don’t know what you are doing.

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