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Buying Amazon reviews can definitely give you a much needed boost as a seller on the site. It will attract more potential customers and the highly positive reviews will convince them to buy your product. So in short, when you buy Amazon reviews, you ensure that you will be getting a steady flow of targeted traffic, as well as a great conversion rate. What else would one need to succeed as a seller?

However, there’s actually a bit more to this approach. Though one can always get Amazon reviews and get a lot of exposure for their products, they can actually go a little further by buying verified Amazon reviews. What’s the difference? Well, let us explain to you below.

An overview on verified Amazon reviews

Simply put, verified Amazon reviews are simply those reviews that have been verified as Amazon. In other words, when Amazon can verify that a customer actually bought a product from you and then posted their review based on their experience, they will give such a review a verified status. When your products get such reviews, Amazon knows that they are coming from genuine customers who have actually bought them.

Advantages of buying verified Amazon reviews

There are many advantages of buying verified Amazon reviews. Some of the important ones are mentioned below.

More exposure

Even if you simply buy Amazon reviews in general, you will still gain a lot of exposure. However, when it comes to verified Amazon reviews, the process would be much quicker and smoother. After all, as Amazon can verify such reviews, they will consider your product as genuinely good and worth giving more exposure.

Hence, this would eventually help you fetch way more exposure in a fairly short period of time. This, in turn, would obviously mean a lot of targeted traffic for you.

More trust from potential customers

Here’s something that actually seems to be the need of the day for you. After Amazon started cracking down on fake reviews, customers may not always trust the general reviews much. They may still take them into account, but not base their decision completely off them, simply because they now know that there is something known as “fake reviews”.

This is where such verified Amazon reviews may be worth gold for you. After all, the potential customers would come to know that your past customers have actually bought the product. Hence, it would ensure more trust from them, and thus, a pleasantly high conversion rate.

Building the ideal strategy

Well, look at it this way. If you got a lot of reviews on your product page, but no verified ones, it wouldn’t take long for customers to realize that you are resorting to shady practices. Similarly, having a bunch of only verified reviews with no or very less general reviews, too, will raise eyebrows.

Hence, it seems that mixing things up may turn out to be an ideal strategy to tackle trust issues as well as stay under the radar. You can probably consider buying a handful of both verified and general reviews to ensure that you look perfectly genuine as well as safe.

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