Frequently Asked questions

We offer Amazon verified Purchase reviews . All you need to do is simply buy Amazon reviews from us, and we will post Unbaised reviews on your products. We will obviously also leave 4 and 5 star ratings on them, depending on your instructions.

There’s way more competition on Amazon than most of the new sellers can deal with. Our Amazon reviews will help your products rank higher in Amazon’s search results, get them more exposure, and thus more sales.

Also, the potential customers will be convinced to buy your products when going through the reviews we post, as they will be talk about your products in a very positive way and encourage users to buy them.

Verified reviews are simply those reviews that are given a “Verified Purchase” status by Amazon, which means that Amazon believes the product has actually been bought by a real customer and reviewed by them.

They are different from regular reviews because they tend to look more genuine.

Our Reviewers Team will test your product quality and will Write excellent, high quality, and relevant reviews on your product. 

Absolutely Not. Our Reviewers will test your product quality and will write unbiased and effective review accordingly.

Depending on the workload at our end, the delivery time may vary. However, usually, we may be able to start the work in as less as a few hours to around 24 hours.

No refunds will be offered after the work is done. However, we will replace the reviews if they get deleted due to some reason. Also, if we fail to deliver the reviews within the given timeframe, you can request for a refund.

No, we value our client’s privacy and have no reason to share their details with anyone.

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